Riomaggiore is a small, quaint and incredibly charming village with its colorful buildings clinging to the cliffs above the transparent turquoise Ligurian Sea.

The five Cinque Terre villages are clustered on a rugged twelve-kilometer stretch of the Italian Riviera and just mere minutes from one another by train, making it very quick & easy to travel between the villages.

How to get here

Depending on which direction you are arriving from, Riomaggiore is either the first or the fifth village of the Cinque Terre (for those arriving from the direction of La Spezia it will be the first village, from Genoa the fifth).

ARRIVAL BY TRAIN: Riomaggiore has its own train station and once you arrive everything will be close by on foot.

The village of Riomaggiore is divided in half by a steep hillside. On one side you’ll find the Riomaggiore train station and the more modern half of the village, on the opposite side you’ll find the historical center. These two sides are connected by a pedestrian tunnel that runs parallel to the railways lines, making it possible to walk from one side of the village to the other in just 2 minutes! Of course, if you prefer a panoramic stroll around the village you can take the longer route (just don’t schlep your luggage along with you).

ARRIVAL BY CAR: While not the easiest mode of arrival to the Cinque Terre (as the villages are pedestrian-only), we can help guests arrange parking for their car at the top of the village.

LUGGAGE: For those that are interested, the village porter is available for hire.

What will I find in the village?

Despite its compact size, Riomaggiore offers just about everything you could possibly need: 3 grocery markets, a bakery, 12 restaurants, 11 wine bars/cafés and numerous take-away shops and boutiques.

Where’s the beach?

For those looking to swim and relax, Riomaggiore’s rocky beach is located just around the bend from the picturesque marina and ferry docking point. Love the water? Rent a kayak to explore our protected marine area or go for a boat tour directly from Riomaggiore.

Get in touch

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