It’s safe to say that everyone knows what Covid-19 is at this point, especially since it was declared a global pandemic by the WHO on March 11, 2020. You are probably also aware that Italy was the first country in the Western world to be hit hard by this novel coronavirus.

Residents of Italy, our family included, were placed under a strict lockdown that lasted 56 days. For fifty-six long days we were unable to leave our homes unless it was to shop for groceries or for other certifiable urgencies. Even when the lockdown was lifted, many restrictions were still imposted to ensure the safety of Italy’s citizens. To say it was tough is an understatement, but we all made sacrifices and we managed to get through it.

Italy gained respect the world over for its strict yet effective measures that managed to gain control over the first wave spread of the virus.

Italy’s lockdown was difficult but necessary to flatten the curve of contagion. The villages, normally bustling with visitors and locals alike, were eerily quiet for months.

The Cinque Terre, thanks to its geographical isolation and the collaboration of its residents, recorded just one single case of Covid-19 during lockdown, with a recovery that did not require hospitalization. We are grateful.

On June 3, 2020, Italy opened its borders to welcome European travelers. Although we currently do not have a set date for when Italy will open to the rest of the world, we eagerly — albeit cautiously — look forward to sharing our beautiful little corner of Italy with all countries once again.

While the Cinque Terre remained unscathed by the global health pandemic, the same cannot be said for its economy which is primarily based on tourism.

The economic ramifications of the global crisis, which have been said to be the worst on record since the Great Depression, have required us to take extreme measures to reduce our expenditures. Many of the things that seemed like necessities prior to the pandemic we now realize were — and are — luxuries. In colloquial terms, we’ve been forced to eat a big ol’ piece of humble pie. And you know what? That’s not necessarily a bad thing… we will work harder and we will also appreciate more.

Simply put, we will value your business more than you can imagine.

We are not looking for sympathy, but we’d love your support. If you have stayed with us in the past we’d greatly appreciate any positive reviews that you might post online (our Facebook page is a great place to do that!) or any referrals that you might send our way. Mille grazie! We aren’t expecting to make profits this year, but we are hoping to at least cover costs.

Here are the safety measures that you should expect if you travel to Italy in 2021.

Help prevent the spread of COVID-19

Amy created this infograph that you will find posted in our accommodations

Our promise to our guests: WE CARE

We take the Covid-19 global health crisis very seriously. Your health is just as important as ours. Riomaggiore Reservations follows all government-issued Covid-19 protocols and guidelines regarding the cleaning and sanitization of our properties, which include:

  • Sterilizing with bleach and alcohol
  • The use of a professional laundry service that certifies bed linens and towels are properly sanitized
  • Frequent cleaning and sanitization of air conditioning filters
  • Airing of the accommodations between reservations
  • Hand sanitizing gel for guest use
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